To exchange something for a much larger size; to increase in size substantially. Also: super-size, super size.
Example Citation:
The trouble is, it's not easy to be both efficient and big. As a corporation supersizes itself, it usually gets divided up into little duchies, which tend to pursue their own interests, not the company's.
— James Surowiecki, "The Goldilocks Effect," The New Yorker, May 27, 2002
Earliest Citation:
By trading up, consumers get a 32-ounce beverage and 20-percent larger fry order. In-store materials encourage patrons to trade up with the words "Super Size It!" and national television, radio and cableget the word out on the new offering.
—Theresa Howard, "McD revamps Value Meal with eye on size," Nation's Restaurant News, February 3, 1994
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